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Credit Repair Business Opportunity Income Potential and Startup Costs

A Credit Repair Business is a high income business opportunity. Profit for each credit repair is very high and with CreditCRM's credit repair software, one person can easily process over 100 records every month. CreditCRM offers a high ROI, low risk business opportunity with the backing of an attorney and para-legal staff. Look at the chart below for income opportunity examples and enter in your own figures into the calculator on the right.

Credit Repair Business Earnings

Repairs Per Month$
Net Profit$

Credit Repair Business Opportunity Earnings

Single Credit Repairs Per MonthNet Profit Each*Monthly Earnings

Couple Credit Repairs Per MonthNet Profit Each*Monthly Earnings

*Estimate based on median average of CreditCRM affiliates. CreditCRM affiliates set their own prices.

Start a Credit Repair Business

CreditCRM requires an investment of $24,995. Limited interest free financing is available. Please contact us for more information.

Make Great Profit with the CreditCRM credit repair business opportunity
Learn More about Credit Repair Business Opportunity