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Unlimited Growth Credit Repair Business Opportunity

Since 2005 CreditCRM has provided the most complete credit repair business opportunity on the market. CreditCRM has helped hundreds of companies start their own successful and ethical credit repair business. Credit repair is a high growth, unlimited income potential, business with a high degree of automation and the current financial climate is the perfect time to start!

CreditCRM offers you all the training, paralegal support, credit repair software and marketing materials you need to start your own credit repair business. Created by nationally recognized Consumer Credit Attorney Edward Jamison, CreditCRM has been honed and perfected by individuals and companies that engage in credit repair as their primary business every day. This has resulted in a powerful business opportunity package that will get you up on your feet and running your successful credit repair business almost from day one.

With credit scores in the United States getting worse every year...and getting more important...NOW IS THE TIME TO START YOUR OWN CREDIT REPAIR BUSINESS. Learn about the income potential of your own credit restoration business here.

CreditCRM and Edward Jamison, Esq. are recommended by the best in the industry.

CreditCRM Features

  • Automated Credit Repair Software - Manage referral partners, clients and even commissions and billing
  • Communication - Referral partner and client login systems, automated email followups and more.
  • Credit Training - 24/7 Full online credit training course and credit expert certification...for you and employees forever
  • Ongoing Education - Make sure you are always up to date on new laws and new credit bureau practices
  • Unlimited Paralegal Support - You will never come across a credit issue you don't understand
  • Quick Start Marketing - Full print marketing package, email newsletters, blog posts and website

CreditCRM Benefits

  • Great Income - CreditCRM affiliates can make 100k or more EVERY MONTH
  • High Demand - 100 Million Americans NEED great credit in any economy
  • Easy Sale - Bad credit can cost your client's hundreds of thousands...and you can stop it
  • Quick and Simple - Our credit repair software makes the process easy
  • Confidence - Always Know the Answer with UNLIMITED paralegal support
  • Get Started Fast - Our full marketing package will start a credit repair business quickly

Edward Jamison, Esq. - CreditCRM Founder

Who is Edward Jamison, Esq.

Edward Jamison is the founder of Jamison Law Group and the creator of CreditCRM. He is an attorney and nationally recognized as an expert in credit repair and identity theft.

Edward has been featured as a credit expert on NBC, CBS, Fox, the Wall Street Journal, the Mortgage Market Guide, Mortgage Planner Magazine, the Mortgage Press, the Scotsman Guide, Broker Banker magazine and more.

Edward sits on the board of advisors for the National Association of Credit Services Organizations and has been the outspoken advocate for ethical credit repair since getting into the business in the year 2000.

In addition to being considered the attorney of choice for credit matters at companies such as Platinum Capital, Washington Mutual, Merrill Lynch and numerous law firms, Edward is certified by the State Bar of California and the California Department of Real Estate to provide continuing education and regularly conducts credit seminars around the country for lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers, financial planners and real estate professionals.

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Learn More about Credit Repair Business Opportunity